Modern Slavery Convention

April 30, 1956: Adoption of the Supplementary Convention on the Abolition of Slavery, the Slave Trade, and Institutions and Practices Similar to Slavery 1956 April 30, 1957: Entry into force of the Convention  

A “polite name for slavery”

“They call it bonded labour, but that’s just a polite term for slavery. And India has 8 million people working in abysmal conditions, for almost no pay despite a ban on the practice.” Source “Does India have 8 million slaves?” The Times of India, April 22, 2022.

30 children rescued from child labor in India

April 24, 2022. 30 children were rescued from brick kilns, restaurants, brick kilns and shops in Udaipur.They included a pregnant 16 year old girl. 

Women trafficked from Liberia to Oman for slavery

April 21, 2022. A jury in the Republic of Liberia convicted Issa Kanneh, a female trafficker, of trafficking 10 women into slavery. In addition, the Republic of Liberia has charged Pastor Paye of Boys Town Community of trafficking. The charges in both cases relate to trafficking of women from Liberia (in West Africa) through the […]

Child labor in Burma’s jade mines

FOCUS ON CHILD LABOR. Jade picking is hazardous work. Many children  work in the jade mines of Burma or Mynamar. Full story to follow.

China ratifies forced labor conventions

April 20, 2022.  China’s legislature has ratified two forced labor conventions., The International Labour Organization (ILO) has welcomed the decision by the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China to approve the ratification of the Forced Labour Convention, 1930 (No. 29)  and the Abolition of Forced Labour Convention, 1957 (No. 105) . The National People’s Congress is […]

Child slave traders sentenced

April 20, 2022. Two men were sentenced to 14 years for trafficking. s a result of an investigation by the Society’s program partners, the Bachpan Bachao Andolan, 33 children were rescued in the State of Jaipur in India. The children were slaves in a bangle manufacuring factory where they worked each day from 8 am […]

April 16 Anniversary murder of Iqbal Masih

  April 16, 1995 Murder of Iqbal Masih, a former slave carpet weaver since the age of 5. He was a child activist after he escaped from slavery. He was the winner of the Reebok Prize. 

Facebook Logo

59% of trafficking recruitment occurs on Facebook

A report by the Human Trafficking institute found that 59% of online sex trafficking recruitment in 2020 took place on Facebook.  The report is entitled ‘Federal Human Trafficking Report.’

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